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I've taken down the Warren Marketing site as I

have taken a new position as Partner with

. . . Unlimited Solutions

INDOFF, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, a $100 million+ distributor, has been in business since 1971 and currently handles products for almost 6,000 different manufacturers. Because of their buying power and reputation for service after the sale, INDOFF commands some very good discounting that we can pass on to our customers. We can quote pricing on steel or wood case goods or systems furniture from dozens of manufacturers. We carry site furnishings such as picnic tables, benches, decorative trash receptacles, bicycle racks, etc. We can offer great pricing from numerous chair manufacturers. We can literally outfit an entire office or quote on a single item. In the warehouse, we offer several brands of shelving and pallet rack, a variety of lifting equipment as well as all kinds of hand trucks, platform trucks in a variety of configurations, conveyors, cranes, etc. to move items in the warehouse. Workbenches, seating, anti-fatigue matting, shelving, carts, etc. are available from several companies represented by INDOFF. We handle packaging equipment. We even carry dock bumpers, hi-speed doors and dock levelers.

Personally, I’ve been in the furniture/material handling industries for over 30 years, but I also have access to a wealth of experience with Material Handling and Commercial Interiors concerns from the INDOFF team, so if you have a specific requirement, please let me know and I can suggest some cost-effective solutions. If you have a specific brand and model number of product you are seeking, there is also a good chance we can offer you a very competitive price for that exact item.

Check out INDOFF at www.indoff.com. I’m located in the Portland area and cover primarily Oregon and Washington. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how INDOFF might be of service to you. INDOFF and I would like very much to help you maximize your investment in furniture and material handling products in the future.

Rocke A. Warren